What’s up with Crüella? They are playing shows and filming. They would love you to be a part of the adventure. We use our fan’s footage to create our videos along with professionally shot video. Please submit your footage to us by emailing us: info@MotleyCruella.com

All Female Motley Crue Web Series Pilot Episode

The gals are the subject of an upcoming Web Series Pilot that will be released right around their 2 year anniversary March 2014. Please like our Facebook Page and join Crüella for the adventure, where bad notes are not an option… 4 ladies having fun playing Mötley Crüe songs in various venues from dive bars to the bigger clubs and theaters in California and Las Vegas.

“Crüella Undercöver” All Female Mötley Crüe tribute band Pilot Episode

In this trailer we see that this all female Mötley Crüe tribute band Crüella has a sense of humor as they set up their gear and play various shows. The ladies hope to meet more people, play bigger venues, raise money for the whole series, and get to know more fun Mötley Crüe fans through the development of the pilot called “Crüella Undercöver”.