Cruella All Girl Band – Digital Media is our Friend

Cruella All Girl Band – Rockin’  Digital Media

We often get a lot of  photographers and videographers at our gigs.  In fact we can’t really play without it showing up in digital media!  We’ve learned that every gig will be documented and we have to live with the idea that it can be replayed in many different forms if something real happens to us!  Cruella friends with digital media is a good idea!

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being authentic.  We really play our instruments.  We really love Motley Crue and we really love our friends and fans. So any mistakes we make or imperfections that are found are just part of the authenticity and our willingness to do what we love sharing it with whomever wants to come join us!

All Girl Bands… Is “Girl” the Right Word?

We don’t really care what you call us as long as we can play! Friday night we played Nitos Market and Grill in Santa Clara. Windy Wild played the headliner’s drum set which is always amazing to me. She never misses a beat.  I played through the other band’s cabinet but always use my trusty Mesa Dual Rectifier, and it sounded pretty cool on stage.  Stacy always looks and sounds amazing and seems to be able to make anything rumble the house while sounding clean and precise. Cindy sang great even though she was fighting a cold.

It was odd because they call it a grocery store and I think it was our first time playing anywhere that calls itself a grocery store.  The food was great, and the stage was awesome.  We blew the PA out after the 3rd song but the audience was awesome. The headlining band was amazing!  They also let us play our whole set even though the PA busted and it took a while to fix it.  All in all a very nice show on a warm summer night.

Nice pictures from one of the digital media friends who stopped by our gig – Read Article:  – Mary Cary